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Workshop Build 6
Workshop Build 6 So with Storm Babet now out of the way, and looking for dry spells in amongst the wet, it was time to get back to the build. More of the front panelling went up, finished off the framing and installation of the electric box. Next up was to tackle the roof. The 8’x4′ ply boards are heavy enough to lug around at the best...
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Atari Button Cones - Repo'd
Atari ‘Volcano’ Cones – Repo’d The idea of PhilsArcade was to create a workshop to help the arcade community as a whole. I’m please to announce that our first product is now available to order and can be bought directly from our shop. The Reproduction Workshop I’ve been looking for something fairly easy to start...
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Workshop Build 5
Workshop Build 5 So the good weather has managed to hold out for a few more days, and I’ve been out at the workshop with whatever time I can spare. Unfortunately you do need food and sleep from time to time. As you can see, made good progress over the weekend. Most of the side panelling had been done, and managed to squeeze in a fair amount...
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Workshop Build 4
Workshop Build 4 So the weather has actually been more spring like, especially since it’s now October. Nice thing is it’s been decent for the last number of days so I’ve managed to get out to do a bit more work on the workshop. With not being out over the summer the weeds had basically taken over, with the back of the workshop...
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Road trip monitor run
Road Trip – Monitor Run First road trip for the blog and this one is one I’ve been wanting to go on for some time. If anyone in the arcade community knows, the place marked in the sign above plays a great importance in arcade cab manufacturing for a very well known gaming company, but which. Welcome To County Tipperary So up early this...
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Workshop Build 3
Workshop Build 3 Well, it’s been a while since my last post regarding the workshop and the main reason was getting my back hurt and being out of action for a number of months. Nothing to do with the build, thankfully, but other reasons. At least there has been progress and now that I’m on the mend, hopefully this and the updates will progress...
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Workshop Build 2
Workshop Build 2 Seems the snowing season is here to stay for another while. It might look cold, but if you keep working, you’ll be okay. Nothing frozen and falling off just yet. Them walls After a couple of weeks of shifting stone and letting the foundation harden it was time to start to lay the concrete block wall. All the outer walls will...
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Workshop Build 1
Workshop Build 1 I have finally managed to get planning permission to build a proper workshop. This will mean so much more space and the ability to get a number of larger machines in. Can’t wait for this to get completed. It will mean that the various storage units/garages/sheds, for the arcade cabs can finally be moved into a single location,...
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BIG Shed Upgrade 2
Big Shed Update – 02 Tis winter and a bit more work has been done to the shed. Apart from the snow, you can see the double glazed windows have been installed and a lot more of the log effect wooden lengths have been added. The great U.S.A. The inside of the shed has a raised platform which is the, “Up Stairs Attic”. This is to be...
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BIG Shed Upgrade 1
Big Shed Update – 01 About some 20 years ago, we built a shed/workshop out in the garden. It was a fair size and took some time to construct, but over the years it had been neglected and used to store any old rubbish. So it’s about time we done something about it and brought it back into proper use. A rotten exterior The side of the shed gets...
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